SHE | Seeing Herself Evolving
SHE | Seeing Herself Evolving
KJ Richards

SHE | Seeing Herself Evolving

Growing, Healing and Glowing Daily.

SHE (Seeing herself evolving) is A MOBILE APP 

for women who are ready to glow, heal and grow.   We provide resources and coaching within the community as well as live Q&As and events with powerful and impactful coaches, authors and women on the move.

You also have the opportunity to be paired with a soul sister on your journey to hold you accountable for reaching all of those amazing goals you set for yourself.  This community not only helps you build a tribe of like-minded women, but most importantly, it's for the woman who's seeing herself evolving.


Healing is ugly.  Growth is hard.  Evolving leaves you sometimes feeling exposed...and alone. 

You see women on social media all the time that make it seem like they woke up one day and they were whole and happy, but the truth is that it took work to get there. They needed support systems in place to propel them forward. They needed community.

The things about evolving is that most don't talk about the darkness they had to maneuver through to get to the light. But in the SHE community, we do.  Join a powerful network designed for unapologetically ambitious women achieving their personal development goals. 

Not only do you belong to a group of amazing women who are ready to evolve, our community also matches you with a soul sister who is there to exclusively support you on your journey. 

Let us introduce you to what's NEXT

What we noticed about most memberships is that they’re usually filled with an overwhelming amount of information  which makes it really hard for you to know how to actually take that information and action it in your life.

That’s why we created NEXT Academy - a step by step foundational course that lives inside The SHE COMMUNITY. It’s your roadmap to stepping into the next phases of your life… and it’s not like other programs that advocate just one route to the life you want…because in reality, there are many!

NEXT Academy guides you to make educated decisions about the life you want to create, removing those limiting beliefs and roadblocks on your journey in business, love and life. You’ll map out your exact strategy based on how you envision the next phase of your life. What's even better is that after signing up, you get immediate access this course as well as full access to our 24/7 community, live coaching calls, and a library of other resources that cover other important milestones on your road to evolving into the best version of yourself.


We bring you a brand new masterclass.  We know that evolving isn't a "one and done".  You've got to stay constant in your growth because everything that you desire is on the other side of consistency. Learn from some of the best in the fields of business, growth mindset and personal development. Here's a glimpse at some of the amazing women that have graced the SHE Community stage...

SHE will deliver a masterclass every single month. You'll get exclusive training, tips and guidance on:

  • limiting beliefs
  • fear
  • self-care
  • decision making
  • affirmations
  • healing & forgiveness
  • and so much more
Our mission is to aid each and every woman that enters our community in her quest to seeing herself evolving.

The work is up to you, but we do provide you with the tools necessary for your glow up to begin. Tools & resources include:

♕ FREE Facebook Group (access here)

♕ group coaching sessions/virtual meetups

At the beginning of every month, we have our goal digger workshop.  This helps us get and stay clear on our visions and how to make them a reality. This is the perfect place to work on any blocks that you have and to get through them with your soul sisters.  Feel free to bring a coffee...or cocktail.  No camera time required, but staying engaged in the convo helps a lot. 

In the middle of each month, we host live Group Coaching  Q&A sessions.  Use this time to ask questions about current issues or stumbling blocks your facing, or even celebrate your wins.  Already tapped into the monthly masterclass?  Bring your feedback on what you've learned during this time as well.  Consider this the opportunity to inspire another!

♕ worksheets

We've done the leg work for you and created several worksheets, masterclasses, workshops and ore for you to access in the freebie vault. We're always updating the vault with everything you may need to work on stepping into the best version of yourself. Don't see what you need? Request it and we will do our best to support you!

♕ exclusive events

Everybody needs a little challenge now and then...or a great mix & mingle!  SHE has formulated challenges for you to partake in as well as exclusive events and webinars, like our Girls Night In, 7 Day Self Love Challenge and Forgive & Live. 

♕ 24/7 private member forum & community access

Our members tell us that the private community is the best part of SHE. It's a tribe of women who are working towards the same goal and uplifting each other. Whether you want to celebrate a win, vent or gain insight on something, you'll be supported. Get ready to make this your favorite app or favorite little corner on the net.

♕ VIP day & retreat discounts*

Enjoy a VIP day with SHE creator, KJ in sunny South Florida alongside your soul sisters for an unforgettable weekend.  Also, get exclusive discounts and info on SHE retreats before they are made available to the public.

* only included in annual membership


We are deeply committed to helping all women take advantage of our resources and knowledge.  Having access to mentors, like-minded women and proper knowledge are keys to your success.  When you join the SHE community, you will see yourself evolving like never before. 



Join us for just $37 monthly (billed monthly)

♕ cancel at any time with no cancellation fees
♕ full, instant access
♕ new masterclasses delivered monthly
♕ unlocked freebie vault
♕ invitation to join Self Love Starts Here (Facebook community)

or get the annual plan for just $33/month (billed annually)

♕ everything listed above
♕ exclusive member benefits & discounts
♕ PLUS receive a FREE Passion Planner


Hey beautiful!
I'm KJ Richards, the founder of SHE and your coach and personal cheerleader on this journey. I created this community to expand from HealHER, a group designed to help women heal from toxic relationships.  I myself had endured a very toxic marriage and through examining my own journey as well as the women I coached, I realized that there was more that needed to be done in reaching 2.0 status.  I noticed that there was an evolution taking place, causing each and everyone of us to bloom where we were planted. We were growing beyond the hurt and hence, SHE was born.  
I have been privileged to coach women all over the world and be coached/trained by some of the biggest names in the field. I decided to take it beyond one on one coaching and create a pretty package accessible to women ready to evolve. 
 Can't wait to see you in the community!

SHE is for you if...

You're a female looking to heighten your self awareness and get clear about what you want in life.

You're an ambitious woman who wants to grow personally as well as professionally.

You hope to create connections with queens worldwide, who are growing and evolving, just like you.

You're dreaming of a super-supportive community where your honesty and vulnerability is appreciated, and your wins are CELEBRATED. 

You wish you had somewhere to turn to when you have problems to solve and issues to resolve, and need help from people who have been there, done that, and 100% get it.

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