SHE | Seeing Herself Evolving
SHE | Seeing Herself Evolving
KJ Richards

SHE | Seeing Herself Evolving

Growing, Healing and Glowing Daily.

SHE is an online community designed to give you the blueprint to adjusting your crown and stepping into the best version of yourself.

When we say evolve, we’re not just talking about a mental state being, even though that might be one of the reasons you join us in SHE.
We're talking about evolution in every sense of the word.  

SHE grew from HealHER, a private online community for women who are healing broken hearts from toxic relationships, and allows you to step into your "next".
Whether you're moving into the next phase of your healing, embarking on a new relationship journey, overcoming limiting beliefs, or leveling up in life, SHE provides you with the tools that you need to get you there.
So, if any of these sound like you, let’s dive a little deeper to understand if SHE is a good fit for you.

SHE has a specific blueprint that we take all of our queens through in order to help them create a clear path to achieving the ultimate "glow up".

If you're anything like me when I started this journey, I

  • Felt lost, alone, hurt, embarrassed and confused that I allowed to many things to diminish how I viewed my self worth.
  • Couldn't find many resources that spoke directly to me and when I did...
  • Couldn't afford all of the high-priced coaching sessions that were available.

In case you need to hear it...
you're not alone.

When I found someone who really spoke to what I needed, I made it my mission to invest in myself.  I not only had a therapist, I found a coach who helped me rediscover who I am.  I provide these things and more for you in SHE. 

Not only do we have a clear path, but we hold you accountable along the way within this community. Each queen has the opportunity to link with an accountability partner (soul sister). Within your member's lounge, you'll find a ton of resources, videos, webinars, workbooks and more to help you along the way.

Check things off as you work through your framework so that we can see your progress and support you where needed.

Join our monthly sessions for some QT with your tribe and also know that we're available online at all times to support you.  We're always just one question away.

Our mission is to aid each and every woman that enters our community in her quest to seeing herself evolving.

The work is up to you, but we do provide you with the tools necessary for your glow up to begin. Tools & resources include:

♕ FREE Facebook Group (access here)

♕ monthly 1:1 coaching sessions*

Work directly with certified NLP life coach, author and self-love ambassador, KJ Richards each month with live video coaching sessions. We will work through the things preventing you from your full potential and ensure that you feel as supported as possible. This isn't a recorded session.  It's 1:1 in real time and exclusively for you and your growth.  I want to see you win. 

♕ group sessions/virtual meetups

At the beginning of each month, we'll host virtual sessions.  Bring your favorite wine/coffee, pen, and paper for goal setting, action plans, girl talk and interaction with your designated soul sister. Join us to get crystal clear on where you are in your journey and ensure that you're doing the work on yourself to create the life you want. This is the perfect way to work through blocks and think bigger with your tribe. 

♕ monthly masterclasses & workshops

SHE will deliver a masterclass every single month. You'll get exclusive training, tips and guidance on:

  • limiting beliefs
  • fear
  • self-care
  • decision making
  • affirmations
  • healing & forgiveness
  • and so much more 

♕ worksheets

We've done the leg work for you and created several worksheets, masterclasses, workshops and ore for you to access in the freebie vault. We're always updating the vault with everything you may need to work on stepping into the best version of yourself. Don't see what you need? Request it and we will do our best to support you!

♕ live q&a sessions 

In the middle of each month, we will hold a group coaching Q&A session with you (usually with a guest expert) so you get all of your questions answered in real time. Push past limiting beliefs, self doubt and self sabotage and work with us to get the answers you need.

♕ exclusive events, challenges & webinars

Everybody needs a little challenge now and then...or a great mix & mingle!  SHE has formulated challenges for you to partake in as well as exclusive events and webinars, like our Girls Night In, 7 Day Self Love Challenge and Forgive & Live. 

♕ 24/7 private member forum & community access

Our members tell us that the private community is the best part of SHE. It's a tribe of women who are working towards the same goal and uplifting each other. Whether you want to celebrate a win, vent or gain insight on something, you'll be supported. Get ready to make this your favorite app or favorite little corner on the net.

♕ VIP day & retreat discounts*

Enjoy a VIP day with SHE creator, KJ in sunny South Florida alongside your soul sisters for an unforgettable weekend.  Also, get exclusive discounts and info on SHE retreats before they are made available to the public.

* only included in premium membership

Join us for just $25 monthly 

♕ get 3 days free
♕ cancel at any time with no cancellation fees
♕ full, instant access
♕ monthly challenges/kits delivered
♕ unlocked freebie vault
♕ price locked and will never increase

or get our premium membership 

for just $60 monthly

everything listed above
♕ monthly coaching sessions
exclusive member benefits & discounts

pay for 12 months upfront for $600!

everything listed above
PLUS receive a FREE Passion Planner

Hey beautiful!
I'm KJ Richards, the founder behind SHE and your coach and personal cheerleader on this journey. I created this community to expand from HealHER, a group designed to help women heal from toxic relationships.  I myself had endured a very toxic marriage and through examining my own journey as well as the women I coached, I realized that there was "more" that needed to be done in reaching 2.0 status.  I noticed that there was an evolution taking place, causing each and everyone of us to bloom where we were planted.  We were growing beyond the hurt and hence, SHE was born.  
I have been privileged to coach women all over the world and be coached/trained by some of the biggest names in the field. I decided to take it beyond one on one coaching and create a pretty package accessible to women ready to evolve. 
 Can't wait to see you in the community!

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